Integral Medicine can be Self-Healing!

I have a pill for that!

Integral Medicine focuses on our bodies being in balance.  Our current medical system does not.

This website is for information purposes reporting on the rumors of healing methods that may be coming and those that are already here.

Whether medbeds, medical pods, celestial and crystalline chambers exist or not, I don't know.  Many feel that this technology doesn't exist for various reasons, including why is it taking so long to bring it to the world? 

Starting this website a few years ago, I've sat at the sidelines watching and learning.  Frequency healing is real.  I believe it comes in many forms, including having a positive attitude only - which vibrates very high.  A positive attitude may seem simple in theory, but when one is in fear, sad or depressed the body's vibration of lower frequencies possibly keeps one ill.  Self-healing is real and is a form of integral medicine. 

Vibrational frequency is everything, including the chair that one may be sitting in while reading this.

Allopathic medicine is great for emergencies and some diagnosing. Curing, however, is more focused on the plethora of medications to subdue disease symptoms only, which keeps the patient a regular at the doctor's office.  Schools never taught us that 'medicine' is a great business model - keep them sick to keep them coming back!  It appears people worldwide are beginning to figure this out.

It may not be obvious to everyone but we are at a crossing point where many see the breaking down of systems that have ruled our world.  Below is a quick list to ponder with what some see depending on their geographical perspective.

Some Systems Breaking Down in the World:

  • The Food System
  • The Political System
  • The Legal System
  • The Financial System
  • The Banking System
  • The School System
  • The Transportation System
  • The Employment System
  • The Religious System
  • The Medical System

Although we are struggling to keep up with living standards, things are now being revealed that have always been present but not seen or understood.   Things that are not good.

We just accepted our world was made up of systems that we had no control over - only through our vote.  We've been duped!

We Are LightDoctors are not gods yet we've handed over our bodies to them and the systems.
  • Approximately 65% of the pharmaceutical drugs consumed annually are in the United States.  

  • Doctors in the United States average a 40% commission on the pharmaceutical drugs they prescribe.

    An example is a $300.00 prescription.  Even after any co-pay, just by filling the script a doctor receives approximately $120.00.

Since Obamacare, many doctors sought alternative means to practice medicine - they are not all bad.  The system was tempting their ethical boundaries.  Over these past few years, many nurses and doctors have left the industry because they could not be bought by the system.

While our world is falling apart all around us, this is the time to pick yourself up and question how did we fall for this.  Dare to Thrive - beyond the system.

Many products available that fall under the category of frequency healing and an introduction to those products are under the frequency healing tab.

There are many stories and writings.  Please, research beyond standard healing remedies where the introduction that this website brings makes one realize integral medicine takes many forms.

"Vibration Will Do Anything"
Nikola Tesla

So why haven't we heard of this before?  Nikola Tesla was a major influence with understanding this technology along with many others.

Medbeds, celestial and crystalline chambers do exist and are exciting technology.  There will be disclaimers that are important to know about where each of us has to sit back, absorb and understand completely. 

Many are asking why it is taking so long to introduce this technology?  There are forces within 'the systems' we've only known literally fighting where we never have access to this technology.  These forces can still do bad things to any roll out of new healing technologies.  There will be more information coming out on this.

Energy will give us the integral medicine that we have been seeking.

Humans are Energy. Quantum healing is energy, intelligence, connection and it's all around us.