Integral Medicine can be Self-Healing!

Integral Medicine focuses our bodies whole and balanced approach.

This website's purpose is two-fold...

It is science fiction with an introduction of frequency technology, which does exist. 

Whether medbeds, celestial and crystalline chambers exist or not, I don't really know.  Many people feel that they are technology of the future.  Maybe so, maybe not. 

There are products available that fall under the category of frequency healing and and an introduction to those products are under the frequency healing tab.

Although I have seen stories and writings, my goal is to get  the reader curious enough to do their own homework on healing issues that can make one scratch their head as if to say what if!

Nikola Tesla: "Vibration Will Do Anything"

So why haven't we heard of this before?  Nikola Tesla was a major influence with understanding this technology along with many others.

If medbeds, celestial and crystalline chambers do exist this would be exciting technology.  There will be disclaimers that are important to know about where each of us has to sit back, absorb and understand completely.   

Energy will give us the integral medicine that we have been seeking.

Humans are Energy. Quantum healing is energy, intelligence, connection and it's all around us.