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All Virtual and Used in Your Own Bed

This is a virtual bed that is programmed with various functions.  The bed teleports a quantum field operating system sending energy and frequencies into the body.  Simple to control, the user speaks or mentally commands the bed to scan, then helps to heal areas of need.  

There is no artificial intelligence (AI) and it does not depend on electricity or other comparable energy types.  There are also no side effects and is extremely safe to use. Also, the operating system is secure in a high-level quantum network and cannot be manipulated.  If the system detects any negative energies or intentions the system will not work.

The 90 10 MedBed is motivated by the powers of self-healing tied into body,
spirit, consciousness and physical intelligence.  

This is a different healing device from other medbeds or chambers and not everybody may be ready for it.  If an individual doesn't believe in energy healing or the ability to self-heal, this may not be for them.    Those who are open to expanding their mind and appreciate things like mind-energy-focus, have shared amazing experiences.   Either way, anyone can try the med bed for 8 hours free to determine if it would be for them.

Oliver Schacke (in video) and other developers of the 90 10 medbed feel the body heals itself with the combination of:

  • Connection to consciousness
  • Connection to subconsciousness
  • The use of quantum consciousness
  • Quantum energy and frequencies, or the use of correct information for the situation and individual thinker

When laying in the 90 10 MedBed it becomes activated by the words "90.10. MedBed".  A pure white light appears that is colored by a color filter.  Because we all think and feel differently, energy fields will be different.  The different frequency, vibration and information of the coloring considers the individuals thoughts and emotions.

After requesting an all over body scan the individual gets more specific with their request as to areas to heal.  One example:

...And I want to go to the next step.

Testimonial - Michael has been a quadriplegic for a year and half.  He requested of the 90 10 med bed "to remove the phlegm and junk... and that came out"

Not expecting much he had a rough night "spewing and coughing" and was wanting to go to the next step after what he experienced. 

Thank you, Michael.  I hope you are well.

Watching many of the filmed testimonials, most tested the free 8-hour trial.  There were those who didn't feel anything but the majority of users by far felt something good.  Frequently used terms were:

  • Tingling
  • Blissfulness 
  • Positive
  • Calm 
  • Visions
  • Joints, shoulders, other areas of body felt better
  • Many felt something good in their head
  • Awareness
  • Different emotions such as past experiences, fear, trauma, compassion and love.

When using the bed:

  • Use alone without distraction
  • No TV, radio or any other sounds
  • Best to use during those quiet moments during the day
  • Through user's free will, bed can switch on and off at any time
  • This is much like using a meditation bed
  • Only the user decides consciously or unconsciously about the intensity of his healing during session

Outside medical research specialists conducted tests and it was confirmed quantum energy works at various levels of consciousness and the cellular level.  When a higher level of energy output is applied, the faster physical changes with the consciousness occur where positive results happen and healing can occur.

The Virtual Cube

Quantum Entanglement

The VirtualCube processor introduces the use of Quantum Entanglement which produces an effect on the cellular level and has been scientifically proven.  When used with the 90 10  medbed the virtual cube amplifies healing effects and ensures that 100% neutral and unaltered quantum energy is generated and focused on a single point.  This neutral energy can be made available to our bodies, objects and nature.

Quantum entanglement happens when pairs of groups of particles are generated in such a way that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the others - even when the particles are separated by a large distance.

Two different labs conducted tests on the 90 10 medbed and the 90.10. virtual cube can be found here (copy & paste):

  • BioMedres - 

  • Applied Cell Biology -

Results confirmed and complemented previous findings on the effects of the quantum entanglement on cultured organ-specific cells which demonstrated an increased cell regeneration of cultured connective tissue fibroblasts. In other words, quantum entanglement works.

According to the homepage, the VirtualCube "is a quantum processor generating harmonizing quantum energy which creates a torus field around the cube.  Only in its center or by teleporting quantum energy other matter can be permanently quantum-physically refined with energy and frequencies.  The intensive increase in energy that takes place is referred to as quantum physical product refinement.  The quantum physical product refinement can also be carried out over a longer distance by using the possibilities of 90.10. quantum entanglement."

...it would emanate into your house.

Bonnie is dedicated with using her 90.10. MedBed and Cube.

To learn more about her journey copy & paste in Youtube search:
90.10.® MedBed Feedback Hyperparthyroidism (week 1) Bonnie

She has at least 22 videos explaining her story and is a trooper, to say the least.  Her first few nights were rough but she continued with an open mind in her self-healing journey.  

Bonnie, thank you for helping us to understand what to expect and how to evolve with the future of integral medicine.  

Getting deeper into self-awareness while becoming more responsible for our own health, the paragraph below is from the 90.10. website.  We are learning more about tapping deeper into our thought process.

"All information gathered is provided solely to the user lying in the MedBed.  This happens through intense dreams, visions, clear seeing, intuitive knowledge, and many other possibilities that the user can understand and accept.  The result is rarely processed in waking consciousness but is often conveyed through a feeling best described as pure love or bliss.  

For some users, it is also simply the feeling of knowing that all is well.  Others see individual organs in their mind's eye, and how they change and heal during the MedBed session."

90 10 MedBed Miscellaneous info and FAQ's 

  • Any conceivable bed can be used, including a couch, air mattress, lounger or even a comfortable sun chair.  Waterbeds are ideal because of the harmonizing and structuring effect on water.

  • Bed can be set up in a house, apartment or quantum health provider centers.  Also consider other home frequency healing devices.

  • If there is electric wiring or EMF waves inside or out, it is fine to use bed without disruption.

  • Available for life, including all updates.  Can easily be adjusted to the purchase of a new bed or if moving to new address with no additional costs.

  • Not a physical product that will fall apart.  This is a quantum computer.

  • This medbed is delivered virtually, there will be nothing shipped or sent through mail.

  • Can be used as much as individual would like.

  • Can place blankets or covers over individual when using.

  • Quantum energies are set to the bed to be used and to a specific individual.  It is possible to use when there is a partner in the bed.

  • Can physically quantum entangle up to three beds so theoretically can be used by any number of people at the same time.

  • Can be integrated with other energy products, it can even optimize session effects.  These can include energy healing jewelry like magnetic bracelets, tachyon energy products like pillows or various covers, sacred power stones and more.  Quantum healing energy adapts to all circumstances and will bring the best results according to one's consciousness and physical tolerance.

  • The med bed operating system in not yet configured to help with pets and other animals.

  • Good for getting rid of addictions.

  • Can metals go away?  Yes.  Say something like "I ask for myself the transformation of all harmful substances into harmless compounds and for the transformation of all substances that have the potential to harm my being into lifegiving substances".  The necessary energy and frequencies will be provided where the user's subconscious is stimulated and will have the transmutation or self-healing.

  • This is like an energy healing meditation.  Here is a direct quote from the 90.10 website:  "Levels of existence include the physical level down to the cell nucleus, as well as the emotional and spiritual levels.  If believed, the scan can extend to past lives, parallel lives as well as lives in other dimensions.  At the same time, the user's state of consciousness is determined, again completely neutrally and value-free".

  • Can diseases be healed?  Because of how the quantum energy helps with this technology, the company wants to stress that self-healing can happen and helps the individual's to focus to do so.  The fine print clearly states "The 90.10. MedBed is not intended to diagnos, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  It was also not developed for these purposes."

  • The free 8 hour trial includes both the 90 10 MedBed & 90.10. Virtual Cube.  They are, however, sold separately.

Allopathic medicine has kept us in a fear base medical system where hearing bad news will begin, and continue to put stress on the body.  In actuality our brains are a quantum computer.  The 90 10 medbed helps us to control consciousness where we are able to develop positivity over fear.  That's when we start to heal with this quantum device and the neutral frequencies.

The quantum healing system develops us into positive, loving beings.

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