Rife Frequency Healing

Rife Frequency Healing was discovered by Royal R. Rife.  A well educated and well traveled scientist born in Nebraska, 1888.  He is considered one of the brightest scientific minds of the 20th Century for his discoveries were based on frequencies and light.

Rife, also known as Resonant Wave Technology

Building his own microscope with magnifications capable of viewing up to 31,000 times, Rife was able to see what was invisible up until 1933 - bacteria, pathogens and microbes.  In order to see these bugs, he used different bands of light which made them glow. 

With this discovery Rife became curious to see if he could eliminate these bugs using frequency.  
He discovered they could be killed.  Each microbe has a unique vibrational energy and when applying the same matching frequency to the it the body structurally began to disintegrate. 

Through many experiments of beaming different frequencies on micro-organisms it was discovered that changing resonant frequencies, many illnesses could be reversed.  For example, Rife learned that bacteria could transform into a cancer causing virus and was also able to eliminate the same cancer causing virus using a different frequency.   

Conducting thousands of experiments proving that cancer was viral, the real test came when a team of pathologists and doctors examined terminally ill patients for 90 days at a clinic in California.  Of those patients 86% were cured with a 100% recovery rate.  After adjusting treatment, the remaining 14% were cured within a month.

Rife Frequency Therapy allows the body to rid itself of bad pathogens and toxins which allows the body to heal itself at a cellular level.

The bigger surprise of Dr. Rifes work came when discovering that different environments within the same body could have deadly cancer, yet another area of the body, cancer would remain benign.

Every object has a vibration, including each of us.  When there are two similar objects and one of them is vibrating, the other will begins to vibrate as well, even if they aren't touching.  Using the principles of sympathetic vibration and resonance, each micro-organism has their specific frequency.  When adding more and more frequency, the organism will eventually burst and die.

Starting with Nikola Tesla stating "Vibration will do anything" to Royal Rife's achievements, this video updates our understanding of frequency to the 11th Harmonic combination into color healing therapy.
Thank you Anthony Holland and the Motivation Manifested Channel for this well thought out video.

Other Information

Interestingly, Rife's original work has been changed, even misconstrued.   With researching the different Rife frequency healing machines there's a lot of misinformation around it and it's history.  Traditional government medical agencies of allopathic medicine refused to recognize Royal Rife's work throughout the years and to date nothing has been approved by the FDA.

  • Royal Rife's original work was used with radio frequencies (RF) within electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) range.  Rife frequencies are single-dimension, or one frequency at a time.

  • With political drama over the years, in the 1990's it was developed to make a Rife frequency healing machine using Electro-Magnetic Frequencies without the Radio Frequencies, or RF carrier frequency.  This means replacing Radio Frequencies, the new Electro-Magnetic Field method uses high voltage coils to light plasma gas in the ray tube.  This creates a high Electro-Magnetic Field which can carry Audio Frequencies into the user.  

  • Electro-magnetic field is what microwave ovens are made of.  A high voltage electrical line, which many are and should be concerned about.

  • Dr. Royal Rife only used the radio frequency method exclusively and all of his original micro-organism frequencies, but also, were in the radio frequency band.

  • There is mixed information on the plasma tubes that Rife did and didn't use a plasma.  There are different styles like a tube or those with a circular pattern.
    *   If it has a plasma tube, this in not a true Rife frequency healing machine.  That is not Radio Frequency plasma Ray tube.           These are called EM, or Electro-Magnetic Field plasma Ray tube devices.
    *   Others will say that Royal Rife did use a plasma tube.

Rife Machine Dangers & Miscellaneous

Do your research, then ask questions!  There is a lot of misinformation about Rife frequency healing machines that are on the market.  What seems to be consistent is that the marketing related to most products out there consistently use Royal Rife's name in association with their products all promising the gift of integral medicine.

  • When asking questions of the different brands of Rife machines, if they avoid answering them the buyer should be concerned.

  • When purchasing any Rife frequency healing machine ASK the method that is used - many makers avoid making information freely available where their machines cannot output any of Dr. Rife's Radio Frequencies.

  • Questions like how are frequencies delivered to the body?
    *   Micro-current frequencies need direct contact with the skin where it is likely wires with gel-pads.
    *   Electromagnetic field allows the body and cells to absorb energy, induction technology that uses magnetic energy. 

  • Programming of machine may be questionable.  Many products have frequencies that jump around and the energy output is inconsistent.

  • When asking the company the number of frequencies on their device,  not all are honest with the frequencies they advertise.  It could be better to ask how many programs.

  • Some products that don't have enough wire to transmit a multitude of frequencies can over-heat, possibly becoming a fire hazard and may put a person at risk for electrical shocks and burns.

  • Output - If there is not a strong output or there may be too strong of an output, the science may not be behind the product.  These could hurt healthy body cells inside people.   

  • As mentioned above, Royal Rife learned that organisms can grow with frequency or die.  Cancer cells split to double and continue to grow.  Inside that cancer cell before splitting there are proteins that align before separation. 

    Resonance oscillation frequency helps promote the cell to oscillate within the same frequency where the proteins do not align and the cancer cell dies and flushes out of the body.  If the frequency is not aligned to killing those proteins, a daughter cell forms and the cancer grows.

  • Gas Tubes, electrical probes could be hazardous.  Also, electrical pads that rest on the body where skin irritation or rash may occur could actually be electrocuting individual.  Take consideration of these things if children are around.

  • Ask the manufacturer if they are putting electrodes in their device?  The electrodes fire the gas and turn into plasma and it is more expensive.  To save money many manufacturers will wrap a high voltage line around the glass tube and put collars over it where the consumer doesn't see them, and hopefully won't get electrocuted if using high voltage.  It can be dangerous and does not produce the needed energy properly.

  • Glass should be strong and can withstand heat, much like what we bake with.  Royal Rife used borosilicate glass.  Not everyone uses strong, quality glass.

  • Glass tubing should be filtering all ultraviolet rays 100%.  There are manufacturers that brag their tubing won't break if dropped and other gimmicks but the tubing is not filtered where UV escapes from tubes.  Take caution that a non-filtered tube is nothing that one would want around their eyes.  After even one hour eyes could be burned.

  • Some manufacturers place a small amount of mercury in the tube, not all.  It gives a brighter light and is thought to have more healing benefits.  Mercury in the tube isn't bad but it is important to remember should the glass break, clean up needs to be done with precautions.

  • Rife used a generator.  Technology is changing where some are sound-card based systems that can be used through hand-held.  Different manufacturers will disagree with the sound-card systems but it should be pointed out that you may still have to hook up to a computer for the software/hardware to work the generator system.


  • Herxing, or detoxing is likely.  After many years of toxins building up in the body there are many ways they are filtered out and removed.  When unwanted bacteria to the parasites in humans are being removed, they will fight back!  Pathogens can release defensive toxins, which in turn, will be felt. 

    Symptoms can be sluggishness, flu-like, head and body aches or even lead to diarrhea.  If an individual is highly sensitive it is recommended to alternate days in the beginning of detoxing.  For most, not feeling well lasts a few days to a week.  Herxing can also push up to the skins surface.  Just as we are familiar with a pimple, small parasitic species can surface.  Many people have preconceived notions of "eeew, gross" - it's not that bad.

  • Drink lots of water so dehydration does not occur while detoxing.  Water also helps to push everything out.

  • If wanting to listen to frequencies for 24 hours, there is the possibility of overload where playing frequencies too long can detox too much, even make one dizzy.  Just turn it off and recover.

If wanting to buy Rife machine, the website that stood out most was the QiLifeStore.com.  Many products offer quantum healing and interestingly the Rife Technology Advisor for the company is the great nephew of Dr. Royal Rife, Matthew Rife.

Qi Life Store.com

Working along side the founder of Qi Life's David Wong, Matthew Rife speaks of the patents he's reviewed over the years.  He strongly feels many patents are questionable and this is how Matthew came to be part of the Qi Life team.

Matthew Rife states when comparing Qi Life to other machines:

  • Qi Life does it right the first time!
  • Royal Rife talks about the multiple of the same frequency.  Many products don't offer this. Qi Life does.

Best Selling Rife Frequency Healing Qi Coil 3S

Qi Coils:  Works in synergistic combination of Aura, Qi, Quantum
Hand-crafted, not made on production line.

Combine modalities which include Rife Frequencies, Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies (PEMF) increases cell regeneration by 40%, Quantum Frequencies (frequencies from nature and other sounds from retrieved NASA data - natural occurring frequencies from the sun, other planets and astrological frequencies).
Are Resonant Wave Technology -

  • Uses low to very low magnetic frequencies that will not harm a person.

  • Qi Life offers over 10,000 frequencies and beyond this there are more than 500 quantum frequencies.

  • Powerful meditation frequencies that penetrate every cell which benefits can be felt anywhere throughout the body.
Qi MedBed

         *   Offers Rife single or one-dimension frequencies,
         *   Binaural Beats or two-dimension frequencies.
         *   Quantum Frequencies or three-dimension frequencies.
         *   Higher Quantum Frequencies or four-dimension frequencies.

         There are other products available as well that help with meditation such as the 90.10 medbed.

  • Using Qi Life products one can walk around freely.  Other PMF devices are mats or pads where it is required to lay down.  New trend is the headband.  These don't have the actual colloidal vortex spiraling that creates the two forces of nature, yin and yang, or one is clockwise, the other counterclockwise. 

  • Qi Life devices Create Magnetic Fields in all directions, creating a spinning vortex wave.  Spinning vortex waves are everywhere in nature, including our chakras and throughout the body.

  • Very portable, safe and easy to use.

  • Qi Life is the only company that puts Gem Ions into their devices. Their resonant wands use real gems and crystals amplifying benefits from other wands on the market.

  • Some products are designed to look like artwork.  Other Qi Life offer simple handheld technology.  So many other products on the market look like a medical device, often outdated and clunky.

  • Quality!  Durable and long lasting.  Qi Life products don't have plastic or moving parts.  They are powered by an amplifier.  If amplifier stops working, replace it - only the amplifier.  Competitors place power source inside the system where the entire unit needs replacement.

  • With competitors' products most energy fields don't travel very far.  With Qi Life products fields can go out as far as 5000 square feet with the Q-Med Bed.

  • Professional 6-week course to learn how to use devices thoroughly.  Designed for professionals but anyone can use the course.

  • Restructures Water fundamental for our blood system using coherent frequencies.

  • Restructures food such as fruits and vegetables with coherent frequencies, also enhances plant growth.
  • Good for pets and animals.

  • Just a sampling of what illnesses can be helped:  Diabetes, Edema, EMF protection, Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, Glaucoma, Hematoma, Hypertension, Lymphocytes, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Nerve repair, Nervous system, Neuropathy, Osteoporosis, Parkinson's, Range of motion, Tendon issues, Ulcers and Vision improvements.

  • Recommended Use is up to 30 minutes per session, 1 to 3 times daily.  Keep all devices at least 2 feet from head.  
    *   'Mobile Power Kit' may be used up to 100% volume.
    *   'High Power Kit' or 'Crown Branded Amplifiers' should not be turned on higher than 50% volume.


Qi Life Store doesn't recommend products for those using:

  • Pacemaker
  • Defibrillator
  • Insulin Pump
  • Ear Cochlear Implant
  • Any other Electronic Metal Implant
  • High Doses of Iron Supplements
  • Near a pregnant person

If a person has metal plates or screws due to a bone fracture, don't place the system directly over the area.  Note that inert metals like stainless steel or titanium that may be used on bones are safe.  Take caution if metals are magnetized.

  Any feeling of dizziness, nausea, or a healing 'issue', stop using device until recovered.

FDA – In the US, Qi Coil™ is positioned as a general wellness device compliant with FDA regulation (General Wellness: Policy for Low-Risk Devices: 2019-09-17) Qi Coil™ has not been evaluated by the FDA. These products do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition. Always consult your medical doctor regarding any health concerns. 

Rife frequency healing technology often is used with other bio-sonic programs like Solfeggio, Ayurvedic knowledge, chakra and color therapy.

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