Crystalline Chambers

The Crystalline Chambers will be in control of King John Smarty Mendez, CEO of Holotech Research and Development, located in the panhandle area of Destin, Florida.  Having a documented IQ over 250, Smarty skipped many grades in school because of his intelligence.  Ultimately, he was bored, school did not resonate with him and he dropped out. 

King John Smarty

Smarty doesn't hide that he sold marijuana for years on the streets, until he went to jail.  During those years on the streets he noticed that vibration raises love and consciousness in people.  He later partnered with a scientist where they began making holographic stickers that were able to literally change the way matter works.  The partnership fell apart and Smarty continued on his own.   

Smarty speaks with optimism, faith and light! 
He's opinionated and many in our world will be challenged by what he has to say...

"The human body is the most powerful technology and is frequency."

So how do the Crystalline Chambers work and could this be science fiction?  Use your own discernment!

The crystalline chamber manifests energy fields by the power of will.  One uses their mind to control the outcome.  What this means is the body is balanced in a state where the soul is able to communicate with the physicality of the person/body.  This way the individual can heal themselves and the soul is helping where integral medicine is generated by the user. 

We all possess the ability to by-pass these devices and heal ourselves.  Unfortunately, knowledge of our abilities has been suppressed.  Smarty says his chambers will help us to kick-start understanding this, then eventually we will learn to by-pass using anything outside of our mind to heal ourselves. 

Remember, we have heard all of our lives that our thoughts, words and actions create energy, which also creates our reality.  As Henry Ford said "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right!".  The limitation is in the mind.  

Smarty explains This is about a transfer, or shift in consciousness. 

We are pure soul energy, frequencies and consciousness.  While in Smarty's upright chamber, the soul will leave the body.  Traveling together, the body with the soul then get restored to what it was originally intended to be from God.  A portal is opened and the reformed body and soul come back to earth.  

The best way to describe this is teleportation.  The body will dematerialize then rematerialize.  Smarty says the portals are already open and guarded by field and angels, the timing is in God's hands when he, Smarty, can bring his Crystalline Chambers to us.

Another analogy given:  It's like a chrysalis going through metamorphosis, when it sheds itself from the encasement a butterfly emerges. 

These chambers take an individual from carbon-based bodies to crystalline based.  Smarty says that we will learn a whole new way to care for ourselves.  With our carbon-based body we currently look at health as juicing, aerobics and weightlifting.  Not any more after using his chamber.

Crystalline Chambers will:

  • When we emerge our memories and consciousness will be restored.

  • Our bodies will be indestructible and won't deteriorate.

  • Replace missing limbs and organs.

  • Helps with the vaccine.  

  • Chambers restore individuals to a more youthful appearance.  King Smarty stresses the importance to think about the age an individual would want to revert back to.  Most choose between their 30's into their 40's in age.  It should be understood that once the change has been made that there is no reversing or changing back to a different age. 

  • The crystalline chambers are already made and ready to be delivered after a few checkpoints.  Smarty says they may come out before the med beds.

  • Individual will be fully healed the first time.  Smarty stresses that this may not be the case with the med bed.

  • Animals and Pets - They have a consciousness and will reform into what they were intended to be.  An example Smarty uses is a horse, for example, could reform to its original form of a unicorn.

  • The Crystalline Chambers are advanced technology and won't ever break down.  There will be approximately 1000 of them around the world.

There is also a big difference in what many are saying with regards to the med beds and also with what Jarad Rand says about his Celestial Chambers.  Do your research.  There are many inconsistencies in information currently.  If you are reading this and feel that your health is pretty good, hold off and consider getting home replicators or a Frequency Healing device until more information comes out about the med bed, celestial chamber and crystalline chambers.

There is a difference in the Crystalline Chambers - they are not Med Beds, nor are they a Celestial Chamber.  King Smarty stresses this.  

  • The med bed is plugged into a computer and a wall.  He says they are man-made and developed by the Secret Space Program.  Technicians undergo a great deal of training to make sure nothing goes wrong.  

  • Smarty also questions if the med bed can bring back those who have already passed.  His crystalline chambers can.

  • His chambers bring people back from the dead by pulling their consciousness, placing it into device and they come back with their new body.

  • The Crystalline Chambers do not require electricity.  They are a cylinder chamber that is walked into and through natural crystalline energies the body is changed.  He developed these through the inspiration of God, or 'Daddy', as Smarty calls Him.  Creator controls it.  Smarty says his work is beyond super space program.

Other Information:

KingJohn Smarty is very optimistic with his view of peace on earth and how different our future is going to be.  He believes this is the last cycle on earth where beyond is "Everlasting life".  

  • Consciousness will travel with us.  We won't forget anything from this current life and past lives, this is why it is the last cycle.  

  • Crystalline based bodies don't require doors or windows, we travel as an energy field.

  • Advance technology will come where we will travel the universe.  Flying saucers, crystalline ships, advanced portal jumping ships and time machines at same time, this, depending on the clearance.  This goes beyond quantum healing.

  • Besides learning to heal ourselves, everybody starts using their abilities to manifest - learn it and money will go away.

  • Social life in the future:  There will be a military, cleaning people, service people and many more.  We will learn to work doing things we enjoy and want to do, not doing what we don't want.  It's all harmony with nature and loved and appreciated.  This is how the universe works.

  • There will always be a bartering system, not money system.  

  • Yes, there will be those who want to do nothing.  As Smarty says, if God wants them to sit on the couch, we are to love them as God loves them.

  • We're moving into an era where everything is done consciously and telepathically.

  • Our job will never be finished.  When we are done on earth, we go on and work in universe.

  • We will be able to circumvent time.

Frequencies and Smarty's websites:
Cubes & Wands

King John Smarty's website includes various types of cubes and crystals along with many other items.  These recycle energy and can be reused many times over. 

The cube is the power source.  As we grow to understand and learn this power, an example of what they can do is turn water on because the generation of it comes from the cube.

Smarty has a many holograph stickers that are free for anyone to download and print (use photo paper) or keep them on a computer.  These manifest an energy field and the field travels if the computer or print is moved around.  These holograph images literally change the way matter works.

Examples include improving gas milage for a car, batteries, even if someone had the Covid-jab, there is help.  As he puts it there is energy, frequency and spells that others can attack and throw on anyone.  The holograph stickers create a vortex around a love and light energy field where it's sent back to source.   There are many, many holographs:

  • Addiction Buster
  • Alkaline Water
  • Charging Distilled Water
  • Bacteria
  • Brain Repair
  • Grounding
  • Too many to mention...

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Other thoughts of King John Smarty:

  • The closer the collective operates within source field, the closer we are to getting to the end of what we are going through currently.

  • Other species of the universe have been reluctant to come to earth because of our dog-eat-dog nature.  They are all around us - Look Up.  What's happening on earth now is something these visitors wanted to be a part of - History.

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