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The anti aging bed has multiple US technology patents and made in the U.S.A.
This is non-intrusive and 'Transforming The Way The World Sleeps'.

The bed and mattress industry changes slowly with appearance and basic technologies.  T
he Tesla plasma anti aging bed modernizes breakthroughs where science, technology and nature are combined to heal us. It shook up one 'sleeping giant' in the bedding industry so much that the billion-dollar company tried to stop the inventor and founder of this new technology and lost.

Anti-aging Bed was founded by John Baxter who so severely injured himself in a wrestling accident, he was left for dead.  Refusing surgery and the pills that allopathic doctors said he needed, John set out to learn how to heal himself.  This new category of sleeping creates the goal of cellular regeneration offering balance and wellness, leading to true integral medicine.  

This video is a good demonstration of the pollutants that are around us daily
where many don't realize can easily make us sick.

Core technologies include:

  • Anti-oxidant
  • Far Infrared Technology (FIR)
  • Pure Nano Silver Technology
  • Electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) shielding technologies
  • NanoBionic Technology

Starting with some of the top selling products ...

The chair, floor and bed cover.  With the pure nano-silver technology it is made with sliver threads.  Silver is the most highly conductive metal.  Combining this with an alternating current (AC), the user gains a stronger immune system better sleep and improvements beyond, including PTSD.  The anti-oxidant elements repairs and neutralizes free radical damage where blood flow increases, reducing inflammation offering accelerated repair and regeneration of cells.

When the covers are turned over to the back side black dots are seen.  These dots are the Far-infrared technology.  FIR increases local blood flow while in contact with the bed.  Within minutes the body heat will reflect gentle penetrating waves of beneficial far-infrared technology helping alleviating pain and soreness.  NonoBionic technology enhances faster recovery, which increases general wellness and gives users a restful, longer sleep.

These products also protect from harmful and unwanted EMF's, Wi-Fi, cell tower and 5G technologies, which are in the air around us.  Inflammation and free-radical damage can result in our bodies along with these negative technologies preventing one from a good night's sleep.

Once fabric is touched the user feels one with the energy of the earth (Schumann Resonance). 
We become grounded and neutralized where the bad static is pulled from the body.

It is important to note, many other commercial mattresses can be warm, even hot sleeping in them.  With the anti aging bed the body heat spreads throughout the mattress where heat does not build up, even allowing a cooling experience.

*  Another tip for understanding the importance of silver is that combined with a conductive frequency it promotes limb regeneration.  The regeneration med bed will help so many in need of missing limbs and organs.  This has been proven with experimentation on salamanders. 

The anti aging bed has grounding technologies that
remove free radicals and/or static charges from the body.

Other home healing energy tools include:

  • MedBed Massage Chair - The company has two types of chairs.  
    This chair offers many therapeutic features creating all over massaging therapies for the body.  Starting with scanning the body, the chair then gets the lymphatics working.  When used regularly circulation becomes enhanced, relief from pain resulting in better flexibility, decreased insomnia and then total relaxation where stress is reduced and mental awareness increases.  This chair also provides heat therapy and a zero-gravity.  The zero-gravity feature distributes body weight evenly which reduces pressure in areas that normally feel it.

      *  The second chair is a massaging lounger.  It's a hybrid providing a full body massage, zero gravity with the sofa feature.

  • Terahertz Wand - (See Update Below)  This is a Quantum device that works complimentary to the bed covers and other products the company offers.  The 7.83  Hz apparently heals organs over time using Schumann resonance, or the frequency of earth. Using 750 Watts, the blue light that can be seen is the terahertz stone frequency.  See also the iTeraCare Device.

    Testing on the ill or injured has shown that the device neutralizes unhealthy cells, activates dormant cells, improves circulation, enhances self-repair and moves the lymphatic processes along to then balance gland function through detoxification.   
    Many are noticing drastic reduction in swelling and other painful injuries and diseases.

    Use the cool setting on the face.  The higher settings using far-infrared helps liver gut and other areas by driving the frequency deeper into skin and cells.   

    Two-in-one device:  The wand can help improve our drinking water.  This breaks down the molecules of the water where we are able to absorb a higher level of hydration.  Hold it over a cup of water for 30-60 seconds and it changes the frequency pattern and programming of the water where more is absorbed into our body's cells.  For those who travel, this is a good product to consider, not only for the water but for the health.  This also may be a good consideration should one have pets.

    *  There is confusion with a wand that the Anti Aging Bed company has been giving away.  Please note that the product ordered online is stronger and has the company logo on it.  The device that being given away for free is 500 watts and used in for humanitarian purposes, helping those struggling badly.

  • Vibrational Plate Traveler - This is a number one seller that vibrates the user from a footplate boosting lymphatic drainage, metabolism and blood circulation.  This can be used for travel and offers relief and better health for those with conditions like Parkinson's and Diabetic Neuropathy. 

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber - This is a portable oxygen chamber that can be used in sports arenas, gym, beauty spas to the home of someone in need of oxygen rich environment where it transports into blood cells.  When a person is highly oxygenated, they are healthy!

  • Tesla Healing Coils plus Parasite stage 3 - Three different color paddles with 1000 Hz of Tesla healing frequencies. Detoxing the body by increasing the bio-force energy inside the body maximizing cellular function and giving better energy.  Use in specific areas like the liver or kidney.  Clears parasites in the body.  These may take time for some and work well quickly for others but in the long run users notice better sleep and energy.

  • Tesla Multi-wave Oscillator Round or Oval in shape - These pump out a great deal of energy for those who have serious illness or disease. 

  • Many Tesla healing machine accessories - There are many more products offered that should be considered as we move toward our quantum healing journey.  Some are ten thousand, others to one million Hz output plasma machines which will get a person highly oxygenated.

  • Sauces for Healing - Anti-fungal, magnesium, Anti-parasitic and others all for healing.

  • Currently there are about 50 locations that have opened up with the products seen on  Call and inquire where the energy healing clinic closest to you may be.

Animal Energy Healing

Wouldn't it be great to bring Vet bills down?  Animals gravitate to products like these helping to maintain or bringing back good health.  If pets sleep in the same bed with their owners and there is a bed cover - problem solved. 

  • If, however, there is a preferred chair, couch, pet bed or cage that an animal likes to sleep in there is a smaller, very portable option.  The chair cover that would fit perfectly.  Look for it under the 'More' tab, and at dropdown click 'BioShield'.  There may be options in the office products, even the BioShield pillowcase that starts at $250.

  • Another product to consider that may be useful for pets and animals is the Terahertz Technology Wand mentioned above.  Not only can these be used for the entire family but also devices for professional purposes.  There are four styles that can treat different size animals starting at around $349.00.

The hexagon is the most efficient, symbiotic form and shape that is found in nature.  This is why it is the company's brand logo.

  • Water is hexagonal
  • The honey comb is hexagonal
  • The hexagonal pattern is found in measurable mathematical sequences and structures.

Human DNA and the carbon atom make the perfect building blocks of life, including equal amounts of electrons, neutrons and protons, making it hexagonal.  This is the perfect connection of technology, nature and humanity bringing back integral healing.  

Company Brand Logo

9/1/2022 - Warning Update
Ask questions, especially regarding the Terahertz wands.

Tests are being done on many products using the word 'terahertz' - wands or chips. Many are knock-off devices, regardless of the seller, including on Amazon. Those that are blowing devices are:

  • Wands having only a glass tube, no quartz crystal.

  • The term that was used in my research with these devices is 'massive radiation' is blowing out, where with the iTeraCare is very minimal.

  • In short, those using devices that are knock-offs could literally be frying themselves.

Full Disclosure: I have used and am continuing to use the iTeraCare Wand - it works and is the only terahertz device with a patent!  Positive reviews are snowballing and adding up by users everywhere.  I strongly advise looking at the iTeraCare Blower - it works and the company can't keep up with demand.

Continuing research and finding this...  Please note; I am putting the term allegedly on this video.  I did not attend this conference.

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