Iteracare Reviews

Positive iteracare Reviews are surfacing and they are very impressive.  Doctors using the device are having good, even great results.  Let's start with videos.

Chiropractor Dr. Melody on the iTeraCare Device
Thank you for use of video Mel Carmine of XRPQFSTeam on Rumble

Byron John was told by doctors "your leg will never get better".

Quick 2-minute video showing how wand heals the blood
and also creating alkalized water, which is what we need.  

Healing from iTeraCare Wand

See more information on Beau the horse, whose owner was told he would lose his eye on animal energy healing.

It's also a terahertz healthy water device
for us and one week old roses!

The device is helping clear up many different skin issues.  This woman has her acne clearing up.

iTeracare helps pimples

Gray reverses back to hair's natural color with iTeracare blower.  Traditional hairdryers emit a bad radiation.

Iteracare turning hair back to original color
Hairdryers Emit Radiation


This 93-year-old woman has severe osteoporosis.  Her nerve impingement syndrome casued such great pain she was unable to move an inch and had to remain in bed.  

After doing therapy twice daily for two months this woman went from the bed to getting on a track cycle.

Bell's Palsey
iTeraCare helps Bell's Palsy

These are two different people who suffer from Bell's Palsy and used the iTera Care wand helped after a week of therapy for each.

Helps with Weight
Belly Fat

When the inflammation and toxins are removed from the body, healthy weight loss occurs.

iTeraCare helps Psoriasis

It's important to keep doing the therapy with the iTeracare device.  While toxins are being removed, everyone will go through different stages of healing.

Below is Phlebitis, which is a vein condition that comes with inflammation and regular discomfort, even pain.  These results happened with 20 therapy sessions with the iTera Care device.


Severe burns cause severe pain.  Often 'scraping' the skin is necessary while skin heals and grows back evenly.  This was done without scraping.

Jaylogan N:  "Hi, this is my mother's testimony.  I'm Jaylogan from Malaysia.  On July 3rd my friend introduced iTeraCare device to us for my mother because she is diabetic.  Her legs have been black for more than 25 years as a result of diabetes.  She also has varicose veins on her legs.  After using wand for 6 days, 45 minutes a day, both her feet started recovering.  After one month the black on her leg and varicose veins are greatly reduced."

Diabetic with Varicose Veins

Vericose Veins

Breast Tumors and Lumps

My iTeraCare Reviews:

Originally this device did not appeal to me.  It was when I saw the video with chiropractor Dr. Melody speaking about patient results.  When she states the terahertz frequency works wonders on pain relief without the drugs that was my que to try it.  (First posted on iTeraCare page 8/23/2022.)

I did purchase the 800 watt iTeraCare blower classic - Very, Very Good - 5 Stars!

  • I fell off my bike spring 2019 and landed hard.  My hip was off by two inches. Many chiropractor visits later, I purchased the ITercare device and it is creating a warmth where stretching comes easier and it "feels" like my hip bones know how to fall back into place. I feel some release "pops". (8/24/22 - After 8 weeks between chiropractor visits and he said: "This is the best I've seen with your hip".

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