Frequency Healing

As we move into our quantum future, it is important to know that there are a lot of different frequency healing and bio-energy healing devices that can be used currently.  President Trump stated over 6000 technology patents will be released that have remained suppressed.  

Since starting this website it is clear items on this page are an after-thought to the big, quicker-healing devices to readers.  I believe that we are closer than we have been, but am placing emphasis to everyone - research.  Do your homework on the larger devices, such as the Med Bed, Celestial Chamber and Chrystalline Chambers.

Finally, balancing the body's health, or integral medicine is available now.  Take products on this page seriously - they work and like chakra frequency healing, it requires consistency of use.  Consider this - if medications were designed to cure, why is it most people are required to take them for life?  This is a rhetorical question only to say taking all those medications also requires consistency of use.

Rife Frequency Healing
 - Dr. Royal Rife is the inventor of the Rife Machine.  He was able to kill microbes, and more, with vibrational energy that was matched to the frequency of each unique microbe. Understand Rife machines when looking to purchase.  There are questions that need to be asked. 

  • Qi Life Store has brought Rife products into our quantum healing reality, and they are a must see.

  • Spooky2 - Einstein referred to quantum entanglement as 'Spooky Action at a Distance'. This company sells direct to the consumer and is able to keep prices down. The products include the original Royal Rife design and with accessories allowing quantum protocols.

Scaler Energy Healing - Like a Rife machine, scaler also heals using vibration and frequency. We all have a frequency, just as we have unique DNA, and scaler frequency is able to detect an individual's physical, mental and emotional illnesses or issues.

Getting the individual back in balance can be done in different ways - through our voices, color, sound images and even through a photograph.

  • Solex AO Scanner - Offered as a mobile or in a tablet, this is a scalar machine that is easy to use, affordable for everyone and helps anyone to get back into a balanced, healthy life.  Currently this helps dogs, cats and horses but the updated version that is coming out will be able to help more animals in healing.
  • Tesla Biohealing- Products are based on Nikola Tesla's discoveries where "harnessing the forces of nature to the service of mankind" are applied. The canister emits life force energy to heal within. Another way to view these is as a frequency generator for healing.
  • Tom Paladino of works with pictures only, even if healing someone around the world.  It doesn't matter the age of the image, like a fingerprint, our DNA is able to come through the energy field of the image.


  • iTeraCare Healing Device - This Terahertz Device focuses only on this one device. Made in a 'classic' for family and friends to use, there is also a 'professional device' for those who professional services, such as salons and fitness facilities.

iTeraCare Reviews
-  This company, Prife International, started distribution on the other side of the world and only now is it reaching the United States.  It works and the reviews are pouring in.

This is quantum healing blowing over the body into the bones to making terahertz water offering more benefits of healing internally. 

Above the image reads:  "I am amazed to say, I just did a treatment on my gf who has MS.  She has not been able to close her right hand for six months.  Post treatment 2 minutes and she was able to close her hand!  Unbelievable!  She has slow, progressive MS.  I am so excited to see what the future treatments are going to do for her!"

  • 90 10 Medbed - This quantum medbed is available for home use now. The technology enables the teleportation of frequencies and energy where the user's DNA is recoded, bringing back health. This medbeds quantum healing has made it possible to go into the zero-point field quickly and experience timelessness and neutrality while healing.

Frequency Healing & Bio Energy healing devices can help improve a loved one's health at home while waiting for the med bed or celestial chamber to become available.

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