Animal Energy Healing

Animal Energy Healing

Quantum is also including animal energy healing. This page will focus on products that pet and animal owners can use for home healing may be the better option than going to a vet.

Visit back regularly. As patents are released this is an area that is going to have many options open up.

1)  EESystems

  • I encourage anyone close to an EESystems location to not only try it for an animal's health, but do it for yours.  Visit the EESystems page to understand how the body's electrical system is trained to begin to heal itself at a quantum level.  

  • The inventor of the Energy Enhancement System, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, has been highly complimented by an individual very high up in the military.  This person is familiar with the med bed and feels Dr. Michael's system is better!

  • Just as with the iTeraCare device below that can be used at home, there are a lot of great reviews coming out about this system.
Bliss the dog using EEQube

2)  ITeraCare

  • I purchased this device for myself and now use it on my cats.  This device is a winner!  Cost $350.00 and 800 watts.
  • This horse owner texted about the iTeracare wand:

    "Update on my horse, Beau.  His eye is improving, the tumor is shrinking, and he is loving his sessions.  The wound above his eye in the before was due to him rubbing it on the trees.  He's stopped rubbing since I started his sessions.

    When the vet came to see him a while back, her treatment was, trailer him to place 4 hours away for possible treatment or remove the eye.  Grateful for this device."

iTeraCare WandiTeraCare is the only terahertz device that is patented

3)  See Tesla Biohealing -

  • There is a Biohealing product made specifically for animal energy healing. Also, there are stories of pets snuggling up around the different size Tesla Biohealers that are in the house already for humans.

    Consider the size of the pet for whichever Bio energy healing device that is needed. Either way, when it comes to their own animal energy healing, pets know. Starting at $499.00, it is recommended to start pets 3-feet away from container for 8 hours a day.

4)  See Rife Frequency Healing Page

  • The Qi Life Store has a variety of quality quantum healing products.

    Andrew C's testimonial says it all using the Qi Coil Rife Machine. There are four types, two are quantum. Prices start at $599.

5)  See Scalar Energy Healing Page

  • Scaler energy uses frequencies like a rife machine to remove parasites, viruses, toxins and bacteria while rebooting cellular health. Scaler can recognize energetic imbalances where physical illness or emotional issues can be detected.

  • Scaler healing can happen with voice, color, sound and through pictures, as Tom Paladino at uses.

  • Tom was contacted by Asian Zoos because elephants were dying. With the pictures that were taken of the elephants, Tom was able to detect viral infections to begin animal energy healing.

  • Energetic signatures of the soul, mind and body can be detected in a picture, regardless of its age of the image. Working remotely and with only pictures, Tom was able to heal the elephants in about two weeks.

  • Tom offers a 15-day free trial helping everyone to understand how scaler light healing works. If a pet or animal needs help and travel is not an option, it only takes a picture!

6)  See Anti Aging Bed page -

  • If pets sleep on beds, the bed covers can be suitable to both you and Fido.  If pets favor sleeping in a chair or pet bed, consider the smaller, portable version of the bedcover.  Look under the 'More' Tab the click 'BioShield' on the company website.  There is an office option or a BioShield pillowcase for $250.00.

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