Regeneration Med Bed

Example of Regeneration Med Bed

The regeneration med bed works in concert with the body's DNA and stem cells to regenerate old tissue or missing organs.  Because the body holds on to cellular memory, the healthy cells carry the weight for the weak cells until they all become strong together.

Those in need of this frequency healing technology include:

  • Patients seeking organ repair.
  • Patients needing an organ transplant or replacement, like regrowing a heart.
  • Any missing limbs, even if born without a limb.
  • Any severed limbs.
  • Those with third degree burns.
  • Those in need of skin grafts.
  • Can regenerate a new limb within hours and the recipient will be up and about quickly.

Regenerates limbs and organs

Like other med beds, this also has an air-tight, see-through chamber.  This is for the reduction of germs and to help those who are claustrophobic.  There are rests to place limbs on, liquid spray, esthetic laser scalpels and laser mirrors that are also used.  Doctors and practitioners will always be aware of vital signs shown on a sensory display.  

Understanding more details of how this energy healing works is described on the main page discussing medical beds.  Before anyone goes into this light capsule there is a thorough questionnaire before the diagnostic and repair time inside.  This technology will utilize different machines after the initial roll out that the military brings to our major cities.  Some medical beds may be an all in one machine, some are not.  It will be different depending on the quantum health providers.

Beyond the regeneration med bed there is the rejuvenation med bed, where aging is reversed and also helping those with mind and memory issues. 

*  There are a number of machines out there that are called med beds.  I highly recommend reading The Med Bed page to understand more about this quantum technology and how it works.  There are at least 100 different types of med beds, and some are home replicator devices.  All of this will be available for animal energy healing too.  Do your own research, after all this is for complete integral medicine and healing.


If a loved one is struggling and in need of healing now there are Frequency Healing Devices that can be used at home now!  

* Important - While reading this information continue taking medications or doing any medical protocol a professional may have you or anyone else on.  We are in a transitional time and it is important to stress it may take some time for the med beds to arrive.

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