Vibrational Frequency of Clothing

I encourage watching this video about vibrational frequency of clothing.  Signature frequencies are quantum.  There are also a few other tid-bits of information packed into three minutes...

A Very Good Three Minute Video. Thank you AlphaTalkZ98.

Did you know if you have sheets of linen they are considered holy attire? 

Linen, a natural fabric made of flax:

  • Sleeping in linen helps a person fall asleep faster and deeper
  • Improves mood
  • Rapid healing from surgeries and healing, which is why hospitals have used linen sheets in the past.
  • Resistant to fungus and bacteria
  • Barrier to some diseases
  • Regulates body temperature - Warm when cold, cools when warm

Fabric, like everything else, has frequency.  Over the years quality fabrics and clothing on store racks is, sorry to say, cheap, clingy and wearing it makes one feel and look frumpy.

We are electric beings and every cell in our body is a battery.  Whether we realize it or not, the vibrational frequency of fabric impacts us through touch.  This can change our energetic and functional state.

In the above video it states the human body's signature frequency is 100.  Experiments done by Royal Rife and other indicate that humans body frequencies can differ and range from 70 to 100.  Rife also said that a frequency lower than 62 indicates a compromised immune system.

Frequency of Fabrics Chart

1)  Super Fabrics, which send positive vibration to heal and maintain health:

  • Linen, made from flax - 5000 mHz

  • Wool - 5000 mHz

These should be worn separately.  Wool's energy flows from left to right, whereas the frequency of linen flows right to left.  Mixing these two together will cancel out the healing effects to zero.

I believe there is another Super Fabric that is around the corner to be introduced to us - Hemp clothing. 
More about hemp and it's many wonders below.

2)  Healthier, but not a super fabric:

  • Organic cotton -  70 to 110 mHz
  • Non-organic cotton, bleached and/or dyed - 40 to 70 mHz

There are different articles showing that cotton can have a much higher signature frequency, even up to 400 mHz.

3)  Low energy, no healing fabrics is just about everything else that is synthetic:

  • Rayon, made of wood pulp, including bamboo - up to 15
  • Polyester, made from petroleum - up to 10
  • Spandex, Lycra, and elastane, made from polyurethane synthetics - up to 15
  • nylon, synthetic polymers - up to 15
  • Silk - up to 15.  Made from silkworms just after they've spun themselves into a cocoon to transition into a silk moth.  Cocoons are boiled (with worms in) to unravel the fibers.  

A sickly, nearly dead individual's frequency is about 15.  Any healthy individual with a frequency of 100 wearing low energy fabrics will have a strain on their body. 

We've been led to believe genetic predisposition can cause illness, it's important to stress these non-healing fabrics are destructive!  Wearing them constantly reduces the immune system and the cells inside the body where cell to cell communication ceases. This leads to accelerated destruction.

Low energy fabrics can cause inflammation, illness and even emotional issues.

Vibrational frequency of Hemp fabric

" Plant a lot of hemp in the land of Fukashima.  Hemp's vibration has the potentiality to purify the contaminated environment made by radiation "

                                                                                        Dr. Masaru Emoto

To start with:  Hemp is not marijuana, there is no THC in hemp.  Hemp is a super-everything.  It grows fast and uses very little water.  The soil it grows in doesn't require rotating for many years.  It doesn't deplete the nutrients from the soil as with cotton, which constantly should be rotated.

Our quantum world will have clothing made from hemp and it will be used for so much more.


  • Has an extremely high vibration
  • Is at least 4x stronger than cotton and doesn't breakdown after multiple washings as with other garments.
  • Breaths better than other fabrics preventing odor.
  • Color doesn't fade as with other natural fabrics
  • Is the strongest thread and also makes the strongest ropes.
  • Has a naturally filtering UV light helping to protect the skin
  • Pampers our skin more after each time it is worn making us healthier
  • Is rich in vitamins
  • Can be used to feed live-stock and humans too.
  • Is resistant to bacterial growth.
  • Will be used for many industrial purposes including bricks for building foundations.
  • Water resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Controls body temperature and home temperatures.  When it's cold, hemp will provide heat, when is hotter hemp will cool.

Other footnotes regarding the vibrational frequency of clothing

  • The video mentions Dr. Heidi Yellen, a naturopath who studied vibrational frequency of clothing.  It is stated that Dr. Yellen's research showed a healthy human body has a signature frequency of 100, which equals 100 units of energy.  A hertz (Hz) energy is named after German physicist Heinrich Hertz.  There are sources that show the frequency measurement in Hz as well.  I feel with my reading the frequency of fabric is measured in megaherz (mHz) from the information gathered.

  • Dr Royal Rife did exhaustive research on healing frequencies and disease on the human body.  With researching his results of frequency of the human body is anywhere between 62 and 72 Hz.

  • Dr. Phillip Callahan researched flax with an oscilloscope and determined that flax cloth (linen) acts as an antenna for energy.  When placed on wounds, pure flax materials greatly accelerated healing.

  • Dr. Albert Abrams also did studies on vibrational healing of fabrics along with other things if this is of interest and wanting more information.

  • The frequency in fabrics isn't just found in our clothing.  Textile fabrics on sofas, chairs, beds and bed sheets will also have vibration.  

  • There is also a vibrational frequency with jewelry and eyeglasses.  Learning energy healing jewelry will become more popular.

  • Chemical dyes of clothing can also be damaging.

  • The above video and chart is based on 100% cotton, linen and wool is the only way to wear these fabrics. 

    Biocompatibility (not harmful to living tissue) for better quality clothing can combine synthetic and natural materials.  If properly made the immune system is affected positively.  If not properly made it can cause the immune system to lower where inflammation, allergies, then chronic conditions can surface.

  • Along with our medications being petroleum based, much of our world relies on petroleum products.  We are now learning that rubber-soled shoes cause illness.  The body was meant to have our feet in contact with the earth and the Schumann resonance, or mother nature's heartbeat.  

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