Solex AO Scanner

The Solex AO scanner is a good product and recommend for everyone, especially for those starting to learn frequency healing.  This helps anyone to get better in life and not get stuck, both physically and mentally.

Inexpensive and a convenient handheld device, this is quite a competitor to other products on the market.

This is non-invasive technology where every cell in the body produces energy, frequency, vibration, and resonance. When an individual's frequencies are in balance it optimizes their quality of life. 

It started when founder Loran Swensen and his wife spent their lives traveling the world for their adopted son.  Having cerebral palsy, the goal was to improve his life with through neuro-therapeutic treatments.  It was in China at a 2008 tradeshow Loran came across a transducer headset where he acquired the rights to bring it to the U.S. 

Anyone in alternative and integral medicine can confirm earlier frequency technology machines were bulky in size and also at a tremendous cost.  Loran changed this by developing mobile technology with the goal of making it accessible to everyone, not just practitioners.  By 2021 Solex came to be, and more fascinating products are around the corner.

The Solex AO scanner communicates with the body using subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals to identify the areas that may be out of balance. By identifying those areas that may need assistance, one is able make the proper lifestyle changes to optimize health and reach a state of harmony and balance.

It's not hard.  There are about 8 short videos explaining getting started with the scanner, understanding the different scans and the information each provides.  Like a new smartphone, excitement leads to clicking around and quickly you begin to understand what is in your hand.  Curiosity leads back to the training videos and knowledge grows on how to understand both the physical and mental aspects of a user's health.

Getting Started one enters personal information and takes a picture of themselves, which carries vibration.  After this there are 7 features:

  • Quick Scan -
    Morning, Midday and Evening scans help with balancing moods throughout the day with quick harmonic frequencies designed specifically for user. Energetic Auras can be cleared, then shielded helping protect the user and those around them from personal negative energies each may carry. There are also a selection of 3-minute hormonic boosts to help successfully carry-on throughout the day. For example, the 'Super Charger' in the morning gets the user of and running, whereas the 'Relax' boost helps one to shut down in the evening.

  • EZ Scan -
    This offers Inner-Voice, Vitals and Comprehensive scans (described below) with optimization scans in less than 6 minutes.

  • Inner-Voice -
  • Loran Swenson states "Our emotions are as real as a heart attack". Another way of saying it is emotions can lead up to 80% (or more) of physical issues and disease. Did you know there is a link between music and emotions where our response is triggered by the automatic nervous system?

    After a daily recording of your voice, sound harmonizing technology creates a Balancing Harmonics audio of frequencies for that moment's emotions. There are over 2000 frequencies across 12 octaves and the 4 most dominant at that time are utilized in the harmonics that are created for you.

Light Wave Glasses

Inner-Voice also helps balance any supplements that may be lacking in the diet through frequency and there is also a breakdown of color and healing.

If wanting to learn more about color healing, tools are available. The light wave glasses are an option to reinforce the Solex AO scanner technology. Every scan will guide the user to understand color associated with healing based on the user's recordings.  Glasses can be worn anytime throughout the day.

Wear Light Therapy Glasses for about 20 minutes.

The Inner-Voice scan helps with understanding our emotions and enhancing Concentration, Creativity, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management and Interpersonal Relationships.

  • Vitals -
    This scan detects the frequencies associated with the chemistry in the body.  When the chemistry in a body is out of range, physical changes can happen in the body.  It is recommended to run this scan 2 - 3 times a week.  It does not diagnose but does analyze about 650 vitals in under 3 minutes.  A complete scan of over 500   frequencies associated with each bodily function and performs the analysis.  

  • Body Systems -
    With 13 body systems, a thorough scan of hundreds of frequencies is performed, then performing an optimizing analysis.

  • Comprehensive -
    This scan offers a detailed understanding of the body's physiology.  Frequencies look at over 130 organs, bones and chromosomes, it details over 137 different categories inside the body and more than 3000 individual items.  Two other options include a basic scan that would highlight more problematic issues rather than healthy and also, a full body 3D view helps pin-point location.

  • SEFI (Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter) -
    This is where the scalar frequencies are matched to an individual's healing needs are found.  This is very extensive with frequencies to help with emotion, positive affirmations, detoxes, quantum flowers, quantum homeopathics, quantum chakras and a very long list of illnesses and issues that one can help with from shingles to alcoholism.

    Frequencies can also be broadcasted through the device or listened to with ear-pods (wireless not recommended).  SEFI is also designed to capture, amplify and imprint frequencies.  Examples of imprinting:  Jewelry - clear the energies that have touched the item then imprint "Peace, Calm & Tranquility" or "Love".  Imprinting can also be done for vitamin supplements and essential oils.  This is what the fractal designs are for.

Solex AO Scanner in hand-held Mobile or Tablet

The Solex AO scanners are available in mobile and tablet form.  Some scans use the bone conducting transducer headset where pads are placed on the cheek bones and then user speaks in a normal tone for 10 seconds.  It doesn't take long for scans to analyze the data and the results can be sent to an email where a full view of the charts can be viewed.

Scan remotely: 
Anyone can be scanned if they should happen to be away.  Have them leave a 10 - 15 second message on your cell phone...

It's important they have their cell phone touching the jawbone on their cheek while speaking at a normal tone when leaving the message.

After their phone message is transferred into the Solex AO Scanner, their reports can be transferred via email where they are also able to play Balancing Harmonics based on the 4 most dominant frequencies from their voice.  The individual who left the message remotely will not have access to the SEFI frequencies.  

This scaler device doesn't miss anything. 
If I should go food shopping and come home and do a scan, as a non-smoker it may pick up cigarette tobacco of a person who used the cart before me.  If I use a wipe to clean the cart, the alcohol will be picked up in my scan.

Solex AO Scanner Training and More:

  • This page is a basic overview of what the Solex AO scanner can do.  Once in your hand it is incredible learning the technology, even playing with it.  As written above, there are about 8 basic training modules approximately 20 minutes each to get started.  This basic training is free.

  • There are different 'phases' of advanced training.  This training is optional for those interested in digging deep into the science and understanding more scaler frequency healing can do.  This is available at a fee and other diagnostics do become available to work with.

  • Every week there is a live update from Solex LLC.  It is recorded and found on YouTube or through the company podcast.  Approximately 15 minutes in there is a Q&A session with Loran where he answers questions from users.  These are also very informative.  Examples of great questions have included:
  • When using the frequencies to heal should they be listened to as an imprint or can it be continuous?

    Loran clearly states that opinions do vary but our human body is miraculous in that once it has taken in frequency if the body has had enough, the body does not allow more to absorb in.
  • When running the SEFI frequencies does the sound need to be turned up?

    Loran's analogy is like that of a stone being thrown into water where the ripples start and remain continuous.  The sound can be turned down and the frequencies will travel just fine.
  • Is the fractal imaging designed to be watched as it may be disturbing to some people?

    No, the fractal designs are not for watching they are for imprinting supplements or objects.  Erase and clear after every use.
  • Using the Solex scanner is safe and can subside or cure illness.  It takes about 6-8 weeks to start seeing results and to learn more about how the body is performing.  It's all about commitment to oneself.

  • Once the programs are understood, playlists can be customized. 

  • It's best to listen to the frequencies with both ears when using the Inner-Voice scan, best with headphones or ear buds.  Each ear will pick up different frequencies.  If an individual has hearing issues they can still benefit from this technology.  Inner-Voice is working with an audible range, not a scalar range technology.

  • Quantum Homeopathics is also a SEFI options.  Homeopathic medicine is plant-based medicine, which means no side effects or interactions as with pharmaceutical medications.  That's the easy definition.  An example to understanding homeopathy is to create a remedy to cure plantar fasciitis and the healing re-routes where blood pressure becomes the priority and corrects, or heals first.

    * With the Solex AO scanner it's recommended to start with seeds to create your own homeopathics.

  • Homeo-Energetics is also part of SEFI, which starts with a frequency signature to detox.

  • There are other Quantum Frequencies, Quantum Flowers and Quantum Chakras.

  • Loran took advantage of the growth of both cloud and mobile technology.  In the future it is believed scaler and other frequency devices will be the choice of households.

  • The AO scan technology is certified by ITAC, the International Theta Advisory Council, which is a non-profit, independent testing and auditing program that confirms product quality standards in the field of Neuroscience.

Animal Energy Healing

My little boo-boo resting to SEFI.

Currently the Solex AO scanner works for Cats, Dogs and Horses.  There are more programs coming soon, some that include more animal scans.  As with humans, there are a few bits of information to put into the scanner and then taking a picture.

I have two sister cats.  One is vibrant and healthy and the other tends to have a few issues and more subdued.  It's a relief that she is doing much better - yeah!

Pet Scans go over important information that includes a great deal of blood lipid information, complete blood counts (CBC) to fatty acids.  There is also a summary of the cat chakras, which there are nine of them.  The pet scan report can also be emailed to the owner and included are Balancing Harmonics.

AO Scanner Price

The AO Scan Premium Subscription:
This is the Global License to use the software each month.  Included are all downloads and maintenance of software.

  • Subscription - $149./ month

The AO Scanner Mobile:

  • Retail - $618.75
  • Loyalty cost - $ 495.

The AO Scan Tablet:

  • Retail - $1243.75
  • Loyalty cost - $ 995.


  • The starting packages come with the transducer headset but can be sold separately.
  • The Light Wave Glasses for color healing therapies are optional at $130.00.
  • Basic Training of the device is included in the cost.  If an individual wants continued, advanced education they are available at a cost beyond the basic training.

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