About Me

Hello!  I'm Elizabeth.  Now in my early 60's I still exercise regularly and although I have my moments, my diet is stable including plenty of fruits and vegetables.

I don't have all the answers and am not a doctor!  Use discernment and do your own research.  I'm just a curious by-stander who when I heard about some of these medical healing devices of the future I got curious enough to research them myself and share some of my findings.

  To those of you who have suffered loss of any kind or have gotten very ill over these past years of the 'pandemic', I can't imagine what you must be feeling.  I can only say I'm sorry. 

Please be aware that information on these pages will change as I strive to learn more about different products and what they do (or don't do).  I stress use discernment!  

I am of the belief some are science fiction but wanted to put them on this website because it was a curiosity to me.

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