Rejuvenation Med Bed

The rejuvenation med bed comes with a lot of excitement:

  • It will help turn back the clock on our appearance and...  
  • For those who have mental issues or traumas, this quantum healing offers much relief.

Example Regression - Rejuvenation Med Bed
Helps with mental issues.

For those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression or any other form of mental disability this medbed will help to alleviate any mental pain, including horrific images. 

Our c
ells grow weak through fatigue of aging and trauma.  Working with our personal DNA template, multiple refractory lenses, and other technology, these weak cells are revived where the body's internal clock is reversed.  Senses are also improved.  If there are eyesight, sound or taste issues this technology helps tremendously.  

Everything is done pain free.

Although the rejuvenation medbed isn't on the market yet, Other Frequency Healing Devices for self-healing at home are.

When it does come out, the rejuvenation med bed can also tighten skin and muscle tone.  Individuals return to a more youthful appearance.  Everyone has different issues but knowing that these light capsules can reverse the clock on our appearance, many do have questions.  Here are some answers...

  • As described above, cells in the body become optimal where everything tightens over time.

  • These advanced light beds have micro-laser technology and many refractory lenses that can manipulate the body's natural clock.

  • Collagen gets replaced.

  • Original height comes back.

  • If you are bald or balding, yes, hair grows back.  Baldness is an indication of dead hair follicles.

  • Teeth will become healthy again. Crowns or fillings may not need to be removed prior to a diagnostic or repair session.  Implants or caps are reversed.

  • Expect a great deal of weight to be lost.  Depending on the type of medbed.   I have heard from different sources that some will lose 15 - 20 pounds and other quantum health providers have stated that patients could lose 100 pounds and more, depending on the individuals frame and height.

  • Although age appearance reverses, many wonder if they will look as if they are a chiseled weight-lifter.   No there won't be specific toning but one can re-sculpt more easily when working out.

  • These will take off a minimum of 20 years off our age.  Our bodies will also reflect that age of our youth.  But wait - to do so successfully everything about diet and lifestyle will need to be changed to a completely healthy one.  Poor eating habits and addictions may not work here.

  • Your nutritional knowledge will have to change.  It's up to you!
Rejuvenation of cells bringing back youthful appearance.

A great analogy... 

If a person is 65 years of age will they become 20 again?  Twenty, maybe thirty years will be taken off of one's appearance.  Look at it like a 65 year old car where everything has been replaced and new.  Is it still the same car? Yes, just with everything replaced and new.

Another way to bring back healthy tissue is the regeneration med bed which helps those struggling without a limb and may have a prosthetic.

*  There are a number of machines out there that are called med beds.  I highly recommend reading The Med Bed page to understand more about this quantum technology and how it works.  There are about 100 different types of med beds, and some are home replicators.  Some are using it as a keyword to bring readers to a massage site and more.  The goal is to guide everyone to integral medicine, where healing becomes complete.

Rejuvenation Med Bed Updates:

8/16/22 -

  • There are reports that not everyone who wants age reversal will be able to get it right away.  The individual must be vibrating at a higher frequency in order to do so.  The more dramatic of an appearance change an individual may want, their frequency must also be vibrating higher.

    As we ascend, appearance is not a priority amongst those in higher vibrational densities.  This is not like a nip & tuck where one may want to impress others to get a date.  Our future is moving into using our minds more rather than focus on everything physical. 

  • Regarding mental issuesBecause the current allopathic medical system was designed to create illness and keep people coming back in order to keep cash flowing, this also includes the phycology.  Those trained in the field of phycology were not trained in helping heal people in spiritual counselling and vibrational frequencies and light. 

    Spiritual connection, consciousness is what the healing centers are about.  It's about assisting people to understand who they are and where the origin of their problems or illness came from.  After a patient understands this, they don't have to keep returning to a therapist who was trained originally to create an ongoing income stream.

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