Med Bed

Be Aware... There will be confusion IF the Med Bed term becomes common in our daily vocabulary.  There are over-the-counter products available that also use the term 'med bed', or 'medbed'. 

Many of these products offer quality, some help us to understand how to self-heal, others using the keyword because they are a spa offering massages on a 'med bed' to get readers to their site.  Massages are nice and offer health benefits but they are not quantum medbed technology.  

              Get Educated, Use Discernment!  

This page will focus on three of the med bed types.

Some believe allopathic healing will no longer work for humans as
 this old system is based on petroleum.  Over time our bodies will respond to energy healing technology and change where we become holographic beings with high energy shifting more toward nature, color, light and sound.  

This means no more chemotherapy to organ removal.  These machines can heal cancers, heal heart issues, strokes, fibromyalgia, tumors or even joint pains.  Missing organs and limbs can be restored, poor eyesight and hearing to brain damage can be reversed.  These beds work for all illnesses anywhere in the body.  This is true integral medicine bringing bodies into balance.

Using similar technologies that are adapted for different uses and treatments these 3 types of med beds:

  • The Holographic Med Bed - Described on this page, it diagnoses and treats illness.  Blood and DNA analysis is also performed where any hereditary markers will be detected and fixed.

  • The Regeneration Med Bed- Works with DNA and stem cells to rejuvenate old tissue replacing missing limbs. or organs.

  • Regression, Rejuvenation Med Bed- Rejuvenates cells where not only are we brought back to a more youthful appearance, it also helps with memory trauma such as PTSD and more.

* There are rumors that both the rejuvenation and regeneration med beds will be combined into the same holographic med bed.  We will learn this when they roll out.  For now, the different devices will be described separately to better understand each.  Also, these can also be referred to as a 'Smart Bed'.

Example of Quantum Holographic Imaging.

How does Quantum energy healing work? 

I have heard so many different stories about this quantum technology.  Whether it exists or not, do your own research! 

I have also heard, if these do exist, Nikola Tesla had great influence creating these beds. Experiments were conducted with the German scientists, then in the 1970's rebuilding and redesigning started again by a scientific team that included physicists and doctors.  There are many behind the creating of these healing devices and still the technology would remain suppressed. There are about one-hundred different variations of the med bed currently where the three types listed above (holographic, regeneration and regression) can work in one device.  

While you are asleep the med bed does its work....

It is said from conception, through infancy, all throughout our teenage years to current day there have been holographic images made of our body - everyone's body.  Although it is far more scientific, simply think of it as a holographic camera taking pictures of the body.  A hologram is a three-dimensional image that uses light and sound. 

During a med bed diagnostic session, the body is scanned from head to toe.  Anything that is not in balance will be seen immediately.  Imbalances could be illness, disease, missing limbs or organs to foreign substances that should not be in the body.  Foreign substance includes toxins, bacteria, inflammation, fat and the factors that cause addiction.  Blood and DNA analysis helps in detecting any hereditary markers.

For example, if the patient has heart disease, the diagnostic scan will pick it up.  With a library of holographic images throughout the patient's life, the med bed can 'pull' the slide where the patient's heart was at its strongest.  Based on that slide, it will project the healthy heart image down to the patient, restoring the heart when it was healthiest, cellular and DNA reconstructs.  During the repair session immediately following, there is minimally invasive surgery and has little, if any, discomfort after.  

These 'smart beds' take us back to our original DNA before we began to get poisoned by our foods, air, soil and water.  Our body will be healed at a molecular, or cell level.  Obesity will also go away.

What happens after a diagnostic and repair session?

Depending on each individual's session it can take anywhere from one to six hours to recoup.  There will be a greater number of bathroom visits after use as everything flushes from the body.  The body's original height is restored as well.  Because the body has a memory to it, the cells become optimal they continue to communicate with other cells rejuvenating the body for another few months. 

How does this work?  every cell has a frequency and wavelength pattern to it.  The weak patterned cell will merge with the strong patterned cells which results in an integral balance.

Thank you robinlynn50 for all your information at Rumble.

Miscellaneous Info:

  • Before experiencing the med bed expect to have a very detailed orientation where there will be a thorough questionnaire about your health.  Any past operations, organ removal, teeth fillings or caps, mental issues, addictions...  everything will be discussed.

  • Most pre-treatment care will be of a phycological nature.  This to help prepare people to understand the dramatic curing process they will go through.

  • Addictions:  Depending on addiction and how serious a habit is, one may have to go to spiritual counseling.  This counseling will also be helping with changing to a healthy diet.  The medical centers may not book a treatment until the patient makes an effort to change.  To understand the importance of this continue reading.  Enabling won't work in our quantum future.
  • These will be in every major city to start.  Military is involved with getting everything started, then the goal is to have 2 beds in every county.  The med bed will be free to use.  Transportation costs will be patient responsibility.  

  • Currently they are sparsely located throughout the world.  Not certain, but I am believing the technology will slowly become available for everyone Maybe(?) mid-2023.  

  • Individuals can make appointment only for themselves, not anyone else.  If someone does not want to have a medbed appointment, that is their choice.  AI (artificial intelligence) will know this.  

  • Everyone will be treated equally and respected for their personal feelings where judgements will not be made on each patient.  Personal issues such as PTSD or other mental challenges, the choice to get vaccinated or not - everyone is equal!

  • There will be security at the med bed center medical facilities.  In the beginning it is expected there will be those attempting to 'jump' in front of others for themselves or a loved one to be treated first.  Security ensures this won't happen.

  • Every appointment length is different depending on each individual's needs or desires.

  • Overall, it will be approximately 3 days for each patient from start to finish. 
    *  The first day is consultation. 
    *  The second day is med bed repair. 
    *  The third day is observation.  These will have a minimal downturn for recovery after treatment. 
        No post-operation healing.

  • After military and children, the elderly, including nursing and all elder care facilities are helped.

  • Depending on the situation, there are those who are in need of medical assistance urgently that may not be in the above categories.  Those in critical need will be blended into the above categories.

  • Staff have started to be trained for these devices.  It takes between 12-18 months to train individuals, depending on their role.  Doctors and practitioners are fully informed at all times with this technology while patient is in it.  

  • The doctors and other professionals running the facilities are carefully selected.  This is true humanitarian work - there is no profit in this.  Their motivation has to be compassion and love.  Quantum technology is sensitive and able to pick up an individual's intentions.  The staff will be spiritually trained in consciousness where they are non-judgmental of others, including patients.  

  • The qualifier to become employed at these centers is a good heart!  A good heart has a higher energy vibration, which means a more open mind.  Background doesn't matter.  If an individual is full of ego and used to controlling situations will not be accepted.

  • The Med Beds eliminate the pharmaceutical and supplement industry.

  • There will be healing centers for animals and all living things on the planet - even your pet lizard.  Home replicators and Frequency Healing devices can also be used until that time.

  • There will be no sleeping gas, sedatives or drugs used to prepare someone for the bed.  The melatonin in one's body will be ramped up to a degree that a deep sleep ensues making this natural and organic.

  • Metal in the body degenerates and bones come back.

  • If a person has had cataract surgery, the lens will be removed, and eyesight is corrected.  Any man-made items in the body will be removed.

  • Some are saying 100% correction the first time.  There are others who have said maybe a few times depending on the med bed quantum healing system being used.  Still others say it will be an 'as needed' situation.  We will learn more detail about this as technology advances and information becomes available.

  • This artificial intelligence (AI) works in concert with our human connection in a manner where it is safe.  This means that AI will not take over.

  • There are machines throughout the world, distribution is sparse and will eventually be in major cities of every state or country.  In the United States it is the military that is rolling out the med beds to ensure integrity of machine and usage.  Also, there are med beds then there is a competing category - King John Smarty with his Crystalline Chambers.

  • 90.10. Medbed - This virtual quantum medbed is available for home use now.  The technology enables the teleportation of energies and frequencies where the user's DNA is recoded, helping bring back health using their own mind.  It's like a meditation bed, not the same as the above mentioned.

  • We all will live longer with the med bed.  Those of us who are older now, depending on diet and attitude, we can expect to live 100 to 200 years.  As we clean up the unhealthy DNA and genetic markers for future generations, they can expect to live 300 to 400 years, possibly more as we learn more.  

  • Our bodies are a holograph and so is our DNA.  When DNA moves and transfers it moves from one place to another, it leaves 3rd density into another dimension then reappears in another 3rd density place.  

  • Med Bed's also will retrain the mind.  Consider the physical healing with the med bed to be 5-10% of the purpose.  The other 90% of the light beds are to spiritually help us into the quantum life.  DNA is an antenna.  It draws frequencies and energies from the source of the quantum field.  What you think is what you create.  How you see yourself is who you become.  The med bed will amplify what you believe and think of yourself. 

    You have got to be solid with who you are or as Aristotle said, "Know Thyself".  You must love and respect yourself to draw in like energies.  If you don't love and respect yourself, the same energies will be drawn toward you.

  • We must work with the younger generations.  While society was diminishing through the years, younger generations don't have the understanding of self that older generations will have.  We must help the younger generations to feel confident within themselves before using the med bed.

  • For those with various infusions regarding DNA, such as super soldiers, more information will be made available later regarding med bed healing.

  • As our world heals and people begin to learn the power within them to heal through ascension, this technology may not be needed universally.  Many will become crystalline beings.

While reading this information continue taking medications or doing any medical protocol a professional may have you or anyone else on.  We are in a transitional time and it is important to stress it may take some time for the med beds to arrive.

Animal Energy Healing

There will be Celestial Chambers and Med Beds available for our pets and other animals.  Currently they are not available but there are home options for animal energy healing available currently.  Once the light beds arrive there will be three different sizes available.  This is identical technology as with humans, only the set up differently.

  • Small Animals - Dogs, Cats, Birds
  • Medium Animals - Small donkey, Kagaroos, etc.
  • Large Animals - Horses, Cows, etc.

Other technologies will be used for Giraffes, Elephants and other extremely large animals.  There will also be technologies available for marine life.

  • Most animals live in the moment, unlike humans who live within their mind.  These animals can receive treatment immediately.  Any animal that has been abused will be fostered until it is time for them to use the beds for them.

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