EESystems (Energy Enhancement Systems)


The EESystems is hyper-healthy scalar energy designed by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael.  Growing up, everything was science for her.  Her passion for healing came from the farm she was raised on. 

Both of Dr. Michael's parents were scientists who worked at the engineering department for The Ohio State University.  Mom worked visioning plutonium (understanding the bomb) and Dad was an aerospace aeronautical engineer.  It was especially her mother's work where Dr. Michael began to understand radiation.

In 1971 Dr. Michael became a chiropractor and then built a spa.  After this she worked with top physicists bringing her first scalar energy machine in 1978.  This was a quantum leap of consciousness into healing.  It is bio-scalar healing that creates life enhancing energy that allows cells in the body to regenerate.  More information about scalar energy healing here.

Dr. Michal's describes her EESystem technology as a med bed on steroids.  With the EESystem technology, hundreds of people can be healed at the same time because the system can be designed around the space available.  One med bed can only heal one person at a time.

Dr. Michael's also has received a compliment from a very high authority in our U.S. Military who is familiar with quantum healing.  His name remains private, but he feels strongly that the EESystem is much better than the med bed, in his opinion, and much more affordable.

About the same time EESystems was starting to grow, in 1984 German scientist Fritz Albert Popp discovered that light emanates from every living thing.

Every cell in our body is electricity.  Everything in nature is electric and we were designed to be in harmony with all life around us.  

Unfortunately our food became chemicals, the soil is contaminated and air and water pollution is around, and within us. 

Combine this with SBS, or Sick Building Syndrome.  We spend more than 90% of our life indoors.  Over the years mold, fungus and bacteria build up where opening doors and windows in buildings does very little for our health.

Worse yet, the rubber sole in our shoe separates our life-force energy from the earth.  Earth has a heartbeat and we are not in sync with it.

Our body's cells are like the batteries in our phones, they need to be recharged in order to function properly.  We have stopped functioning as we were designed to and illness has moved in.

Light Emanates Through All Living ThingsLight emanates from every living thing
We Are ElectricityEvery cell in our body is electric

How Does EESystems Work?

The EESystem uses scalar waves to raise cellular millivoltage.  Every cell in our body produces an electromagnetic field.  The toroidal field is our natural flow of energy.

If a person is living in fear or is chronically ill, the average cell voltage is 30 to 50 millivolts.  If cell millivolts are lower than 30 this can become critically ill.

When a person is healthy, positive and carries the message of love, cell voltage averages 70 to 100 millivolts.

DNA Field EvolutionCell Voltage for illness and fear averages 30 to 50 millivolts. The positive, healthy person cell voltage is 70 to 100 millivolts.

Cells absorb nutrients and also eliminate waste, which means the body can either not heal, or with high millivolts it heals itself.

When the body has the right energy there isn't anything that it won't heal.  The body is in balance and when the millivoltage of the cells is high, the cells 'turn-on'.  These excited cells clean house and detoxing the body happens.

The EESystem also helps to eliminate heavy metals, carcinogens, radiation and isotopes (misbalanced atoms) in the body.  After this the scalar frequency waves then repair broken DNA and telomeres.

Quantum DNA EvolutionWhen the body has the right energy
there isn't anything that it can't heal

Then the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) kicks in.  The ATP puts the power back into the cells and is the transportation system that feeds the necessary molecules required for a healthy body.  This is true integral medicine where the body is in balance.

The EESystem generates multiple bio-active, life-enhancing energy fields which include scalar waves.  It also generates morphogenic energy fields that also promote healing.

Bio-scaler healing is quantifiable science, torsion or toroidal.  It's Chi, or Life Force.

Toroidal FieldThis is quantifiable science of systems...
Bio-Scalar Frequency HealingThis is quantifiable science of systems.

This quantifiable science is an infinity wave where one is learning to breath the love of the universe.  It interfaces with the DNA. 

The core of DNA is literally the light of the stars, the light of our cells.  It turns our light on where one recharges every cell of the body.  Unlike western medicine, this quantum frequency healing helps everyone to relax and feel better while healing.

Bio-scaler energy is life enhancing energy which allow the cells in the body to regenerate.  

The Energy Enhancement System reverses disease and brings one back to complete health.  It's anti-aging and helps to detoxify the blood.

  • Brain wave patterns begin to normalize
  • alleviates stress
  • Removes pain
  • Rejuvenates the body
  • Brings back sexual stamina
  • Fixes neurological issues
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Stroke
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Everything

  • Animal energy healing is also important to mention with this system.

  • Visit an EESystem energy healing clinic.  There are many more that are under construction currently beyond this list. 
Detoxified BloodBlood flow after one hour in the EE System

The EESystem vs. EEQube

If wanting more information on receiving treatment or even purchasing a system for yourself, family or a clinic environment it is important to mention Jason Shurka.  Jason is the owner of and Unifyd.TV.  He is educating people on current affairs that many may not be aware of and seeking to aid lightworkers throughout the world.

Jason is working with Dr. Michael's getting the word out about the system and opening centers.  Each of the quantum health providers are run differently.  Should the clinic owner be opened with the assistance of Jason Shurka or Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, contact each of them to learn more about the differences.

If one is just interested in placing a system into their home, contact EE Systems and Dr. Sandra Rose Michael's.

Energy Enhancement Qube
  • The EEQube (not EECube) prices start at approximately $15,000.  This was designed as a baby as an alternative to the main system.  These are 4 smaller units that use about 1/3 the power of a full system.  There are a few differences in the technology but the end result is the same.  There is some assembly required but it is described as easy.  

  • The EESystem prices start at approximately $28,000.  This starts at 8 units that are larger and 10-times more powerful.  Systems can be more units than 8, every building structure will be different.  This is professionally placed in the environment.

Because every structure is different, set-ups vary.  This 2 minute video shows different set up given each home, clinic or building.

Jason Shurka has many videos on Youtube and a library for those who are interested in learning more about how understand and possibly help with The Great Awakening.

This 1 minute video is one of many Energy Enhancement System reviews to come.  In the background is an example of how the unit works but more importantly, Jasons aunt speaks of a 12.5 centimeter (4.9 inches) cystic fibroid dissolving in the span of a few hours.

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