Scalar Energy Healing

Scaler energy healing is going to become a very familiar term for everyone soon. 

James Clark Maxwell, a Scottish scientist discovered and formulated the theory of scaler energy, also called Radiant Energy, in 1831.  Then, with his career starting in AC electricity, it was Yugoslavian Nikola Tesla that later built the machine proving scaler energy is a primal force in nature.  By the 1920's everything was confirmed and acknowledged by the most famous German born physicist Albert Einstein. 

There are two types of energies in the universe:

Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla
  1. Electro-magnetic, magnetism, or electricity as we know it.  This is inferior and also are transverse, 3-Dimensional waves that form a poor information system.  The waves cannot go through metal and the power they offer does decrease over distance.  This, to the credit of Thomas Edison as we learned in school.

  2. Scaler energy has different laws than that of electromagnetic energy and far exceeds it in superiority.  It also works in different dimensions of reality beyond the 3D spectrum.  Also, when traveling does not fade over time or distance, can pass through metal objects, travels faster than the speed of light and conveys information without wires.  This is not electricity.

Scaler captures the energy from the sun and the stars.  It is an infinite energy and has no limitation of supply, it's everywhere.  It's not like traditional electro-magnetic energy that flows out in the form of waves.  Scaler waves expand outward in circles of energy where waves do not radiate.

It is intelligence, information and nature that we are able to control.

Understanding Scalar Energy Healing - The perfect energy.  It's everywhere.  It's the Omnipresent.

Scaler Energy is a Toroidal Field. The Energy Never Fades
and is the Carrier of All Information, or Intelligence, Throughout the Universe.

Named after Winfried Otto Schumann, the Schumann resonance is the natural heartbeat rhythm to the earth at 7.83 Hz.  This natural frequency of the earth is the perfect information system of the universe.  Our bodies natural resonance is anywhere between 5 - 10 Hz.  Christians call it Alpha and Omega.  In physicist terms it's called quantum entanglement or perfect coherence.

The world we are leaving behind had us unbalanced with negative frequencies that would over-ride what came naturally for us.  Smart appliances, wi-fi, microwaves and the majority of everyday electronics can be in ranges of 30,000 Hz to 300-billion Hz.  This creates illness, tension, irritation to anger and beyond.

When our bodies are sick, healing slows and continues to accumulate internal waste.  Scalar Wave Therapy can allow the body to rid itself of unnecessary pathogens, toxins and heal itself on many levels, starting with the cellular level.  Human DNA and scaler waves both spin in a clockwise motion.  Because of this, DNA feels the harmony and absorbs the waves it clears our electrical blockages, allowing for cell recovery and healing the body. 

The body resets, or reboots itself, bringing cells back in line all at a low hertzian level. These are purely natural waves that work with earths pulse, again the Schumann resonance.

Scaler energy healing can work with photographs, our voices,
color and sound images.

We all have our own force field.  Fingerprints, eyes, lips, our entire body is unique to us.  Scaler products are able to identify energetic imbalances in the body regardless if it's a voice sample, photograph, color and sound imaging.  Imbalances can be physical illness to emotional issues and are detected in a way where it transcends the person's energy.

The scaler machine can heal the physical body, balance the chakras and brainwaves as well. Healing frequencies are calibrated to each individual.  If anyone is afflicted with mental trauma, scaler is a doorway to helping them.  Scaler has been proven to have a profound difference with thinking, it has helped provide many with deeper sleep and better dreams.

While using a scaler device, one is able to monitor healing results over time.  A lifestyle change of a better diet will be necessary but with consistent use of machine, addictions to carbs, sugars and alcohol subside where reversal of poor eating habits naturally occur.  As one begins to eat better the scaler frequencies also can assemble nutrients inside the cell, where it creates a delivery system for antioxidants, vitamins, etc.  While cravings fade away, better eating happens naturally.

Rife frequency healers are only able to send out frequencies to kill parasites, bacteria, viruses and toxins.  They are not able to detect any energetic imbalance or illness, therefore they are also unable to determine the amount of healing frequency for the user or follow up on regular results of use over time.

The list of below is a fraction of what people have felt improved with scaler energy healing.  No matter what the problem, no matter what the illness - there is a frequency for it.


  • Relief from Chronic Conditions after an hour
  • Gets Natural Immune System Functioning Again
  • Severed Spinal Cord 
  • Pain
  • Heals Nerves
  • Oxygenates Brain
  • Opens up Neuropathways
  • Cancer 
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Grand Mal Seizures/Seizures
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Improves Memory
  • Dementia
  • Migraines
  • Arthritis
  • Blindness
  • Detached Retina
  • Cataracts
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Kills Viruses and Bacteria
  • Complete Healing
  • Kills Parasites
  • Kills Fungus
  • Unclumps Blood Cells
  • Creates Stronger Cell Walls
  • Helps Body Circulation
  • Accelerates Metabolism
  • Speeds Up Healing Process
  • Protects and Repairs DNA
  • Scaler Waves can stimulate a twenty-Fold Cell Growth in the Human Immune System Cells.  
  • Scaler Waves can increase the energy level of every single hydrogen atom in the body.  That is important as hydrogen bonds to hold DNA together.
  • Extends Life

Inner Peace:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Felt More Relaxed
  • Easier Meditation
  • Expanded Awareness
  • Reduced Depression, Feeling Happier
  • Balances Brain Waves Giving Good Equilibrium,
    Clears the Mind.
  • 85%-90% Feel a Deep Feeling of Love
  • Increased Energy and Electricity
  • Opens up Chakras
  • Nutrients are Absorbed Better
  • Slows Aging
  • More Lucid Dreaming
  • Increased Libido
  • Tingling, or a slight internal vibration
  • Helps with Human Emotion.  If a mood is negative, scaler energy healing senses this then heals cells.


Everything has Frequency - Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino works with Scaler Light and photographs.  He has discovered that a soul, mind and body are an energetic signature representation of an individual that is picked up in a photograph, regardless of the age of the picture. The image can detect germs, viruses, fungi, bacteria and protozoa.  Sending energy back into the photograph, Tom is able to change the molecular structure or unbind pathogenic disease.

The best way to understand is to not look at just a flat 2-demensional picture, envision it as a 3-dimensional object that has depth to it.  The quantum body is inside the instrument which leads instruction into a photograph.

Tom is also able to work from pictures having many people in them or a large collage of images in one picture.  He is able to work with plants, animals and people anywhere around the world.  Giving credence to bi-location, or being in two places at once.

Many scientists worked on discoveries of scaler energy sources, but they are few and far between.  Their work has been suppressed and there has been no money to fund their efforts.  There are others who also use scaler light for healing as Tom does.    It's a passion for the technology and also for helping others.  This integral medicine was within reach for so many people long ago.

Examples of Tom Paladino scaler light healing:

Pictures can be individual, collage or in a group together.

  • Even if there is not a breakout seen in a picture, scaler light can detect if a person has the herpes virus.  In a picture with multiple people, it will pick up anybody with the same virus.  A picture is then taken of that particular herpes virus and is placed next to the original photograph - again of one or multiple people.  The herpes picture enters the persons energy field.

    The pathogens break apart and the condition or disease goes away. Key function.

  • Pets and Animals too.  He's worked with dogs, cats, horses and more.  Tom was sought out by Asian Zoos where elephants were dying.  Pictures were provided and he discovered that there was a viral infection breakout.  Tom was able to get the elephants healed in roughly 2 weeks. 

  • Tom has helped many native Africans where volunteers go town to town taking pictures of residents.  Many have had Tuberculosis and some were bed ridden with it.  Most people were up and functioning normally in 2 weeks. 

Contact Tom Paladino through his website at  If wanting to see if his process works there is a 15 day free session to experience this form of quantum healing.  Pets can also participate in the free session.

Cut and paste his blog page from above into browser.  Tom's blog page shows different therapies.  The free session is standardized to help understand chakra balance, nutrient therapy and if necessary, hormone therapy.  The process is self-directed.  Starting with the picture and the current diet of the individual(s), there are cycles, microbial cleansings and a nutrient program.  It is recommended to document to realize the before and after changes.

  • Scaler energy assemble nutrients.  Because we can control nature.  Pathogens can be disassembled and nutrients can be assembled.  Vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids that are beneficial.
  •  Both your thinking and heart emotions are a function of scaler energy. 

  • Scaler energy healing can reprogram brain waves, also known as the psyche.  Just as with, the 90.10. MedBed and other quantum healing devices your thoughts and learning to direct the energy matters. 

  • If an individual's thought process is positive or negative, scaler energy will amplify it, just as with the med bed.

Like and trust yourself.  Have a great attitude toward others.  

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