Tesla Biohealing

Tesla Biohealing (.commanufactures FDA registered OTC (over the counter) medical devices.  These devices generate a field of pure Life Force Energy, described below and have a safe track record.  Many people are confused that Elon Musk is behind these - he is not.  

Before coming to market company conducted safety and efficacy studies for more than 3 years.  Undergoing extensive safety and efficacy tests and studies with more than 10,000 users to date.  Those testing reported great improvements in their health.  

In short, these are regenerators.  Using the body's own innate intelligence, they regenerate cells where the body heals itself where and when needed.

They do not cause any negative side effects.  The technology, in simple terms, supports the body on a cellular level to carry out it functions as it would do naturally, provided there is enough vitality available throughout the system.

With the med bed technology there is an extensive questionnaire before entering devices.  They are proven safe using non-invasive healing technologies.  Because there are no magnets or electricity involved with Tesla Biohealing products, those with pacemakers or other medical implants and healing devices are fine to use product as is.

In addition many experts in the energy medicine field have stated that the medical devices provide an exceptional wellbeing enhancement  they've experienced amongst the energy-based medical products available currently.  Tesla Biohealing products are also recognized as effective co-therapy, other forms of energy therapies, and have been used in  traditional allopathic medical treatments.

These products work through Life Force Energy.  They:

  • Increase Brain Activity - also consider the virtual 90.10. MedBed for home use too.
  • Balance the two hemispheres of the brain
  • Increase energy quotient in the brain
  • Activates rapid brain cell repair throughout the body
  • Enhance cognitive function and motor control skills, which improves mobility
  • Increase circulation, even facilitating the de-clumping of blood vessels

Determining which Tesla Biohealing Devices are best for various conditions

  • For those with mild to moderate conditions that are chronic, it is recommended to use the portable Biohealers.  These can be used for children, adults and pets.
Tesla Biohealer for Adults, Children and Pets
For optimal results place within 3 feet of affected area, or closer at least 8 hours a day.
Conveniently portable for use day and night. Carry right next to affected area.
  • Those with chronic severe health conditions and those seeking profound health outcomes, the Tesla Biohealing Generators are 100x stronger than the portable units.
Tesla Biohealing Medbed Generator
Place 2 generators under each person.
Healing energy so powerful that it carries through walls and floors.
  • See chart below for more details regarding illness or condition and which Biohealer is best for various conditions.  For those who may be more sensitive to the Tesla biohealing energy at first, place 6 feet away at first then begin to move closer over time and even place up against the area where healing is most needed.

What is Life Force Energy?

Light is essential to life and is also an essential nutrient to all living things.  An essential vital force of nature and acknowledged in many ancient traditions, life force healing is also known as:

  • Chinese medicine as Chi and Qi
  • In India as Prana
  • Egyptians knew it as Aka
  • Scientific communities recognize it as scalar energy, which is also Tesla energy.

Life force energy is everywhere and comes in different forms.  It permeates the world, the universe, people, cells, molecules on down to atoms.  It is emitted from the sun in the form of photon light energy particles, the earth.  Plants are able to convert this energy directly into usable energy.  Our bodies can also convert this light energy into usable energy, which impacts the cells in our bodies.

In nature life force energies can differ.  Environments like the beach are stronger than in the shaded woods or mountains.  In artificial environments like inside an office building, there can be far less.

New to this?  Here is a helpful breakdown.  Life force energy is the manner in which the physical form is broken down into an animated energy form, even transcending beyond physical form.  In a manner, it is a tangible way to measure the intangible.  Examples:

  • 18,000 to 1 million LFE units - Spiritual and Cosmic realms 
  • 17,000 LFE units - This is what is calculated in nature which is healthy.  This is the very happy, healthy individual.
  • 15,000 LFE units - Fresh orange and broccoli
  • 13,000 LFE units - Fresh apples and pears
  • 11,000 LFE units - Spring water.  A healthy person with energy
  • 10,000 LFE units - Fresh vegetables
  • 9000 LFE units - Average Persons Health
  • 7000 LFE units - Auto Immune Issues, Fatigue, Borderline health, Sleep disorders
  • 6000 LFE units - Terminal Illness, cancer
  • 5000 LFE units - Microwave
  • 3000 LFE units - Cell phone radiation
  • 1000 LFE units - Nuclear attack

The Tesla Biohealers provide:

The Tesla Biohealers provide:

Biohealing Generator                 50,000,000 LFE unit
Adult Biohealing Container             500,000 LFE unit

Pet Biohealing Container                250,000 LFE unit
Children's Biohealing Container     100,000 LFE unit
Travel Biohealing Container             50,000 LFE unit

If individual prior to use of below measures 6000 LFE units:

2 units for 2 months increases 11,000 LFE units to person
4 units for 2 months increases   7,000 LFE units to person

If individual prior to use of below measures 7000 LFE units:

2 units for 2 months increases 13,000 LFE units to person
2 units for 2 months increases   9,000 LFE units to person

Early Signs of Life Force Energy

When starting to use healers approximately 60% of users report feeling sensations that are:

  • Soothing
  • Electric
  • Warm
  • Tingling

For most it took about 2 weeks to see results which included early on:

  • Better Sleep
  • Fresh Energy
  • Pain Reduction
  • Improved Digestion
  • Easier Bowel Movements
  • Better Breathing
  • Better Mental Clarity
  • More vivid dreams indicating better brain activity
  • Increased Vitality
  • Increased Libido
  • Normalizing of Blood Pressure
  • Normalizing of Blood Glucose
  • Those targeting a specific disease or condition reported targeted benefits

Tesla Biohealer Reviews of Healing

For most it takes about two weeks before feeling and seeing healing signs.  Yes, for some healing is sooner and for others it may take two months.  Healing factors include:

  • Severity of Condition.
  • Complexity of health condition.
  • Age.  Older adults may take longer.
  • How one is dealing with condition, meds and any surgeries.

Noticeable differences were found especially for those with brain-based conditions including:

  • Stroke paralysis
  • Alzheimer's
  • Parkinsons
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Over time intuition becomes greater

For many in this category the brain doesn't receive the necessary oxygen and cells die.  Users noted:

  • Increased mobility (even in previously paralyzed limbs)
  • Improved coordinated movement
  • Ceasing tremors
  • Enhanced memory
  • Better spiritual awareness
  • Improved speech patterns

This integral medicine form helps to heal in stages:

  • The recharge phase - the beginning healing
  • The targeted cellular repair phase - Body reaches a new level for well-being and continues to do so

Animal Energy Healing

Animal's Know!  Regardless if the Biohealing containers remain by a bed or nightstand, pets tend to snuggle around them.  If the owners carry the Tesla Biohealer around throughout the day, it is not uncommon to have pets follow.  There are many stories of owners using the adult-biohealers and pets easily use them as a human would.  

This is a great healing tool for pets.  The biohealer can remain in or by the bed while the owner is away without leaving anything plugged in.

This chart is based on the recommendation of more than 10,000+ people's feedback.  Outcomes vary for individuals and results depended on device distance to the user and time it was used. 

Seniors over 70 overall needed more time as well those with more extreme health conditions.

The closer the biohealer was placed in combination with adding more time
amplifies the life energy force.

Everyone reacts to Life Force Energy differently and at different speeds. At a minimum, your body needs 4-6 weeks of consistent use to reach a new level of enhanced wellbeing. The more you use the devices throughout your lifetime the better your cellular health and overall health will be.

What to expect during these first weeks:

  • First Week - User feels the energy.  Place Biohealer on nightstand and move it closer second week.
  • Second Week - User can feel lethargic.  The body begins to detox more.
  • Third Week - The body starts to boost immune system and regenerating cells.

*  Any recommendation is not a substitute for your doctor's treatment.  Above statements not evaluated by the FDA

* Important to note - There have been competitors criticizing TeslaBiohealing for some time.  Voices started to pick up and false accusations began... The company has responded to these negative remarks. 

The image shows strong life-force energy
in the form of biophotons.

The FTC did not take any action against TeslaBiohelaing that had One-Lot number with two-expiration dates.  The company successfully explained this data.  The first expiration date was based on availability-stability data, which was not life-force energy related. 

Six months after the first test was complete and based on more lab tests the second expiration date on the same lot.  The second expiration date showed a longer shelf life.  It was a data driven label, not a false claim (as critics had been saying).

The new patents about life force energy generation are pending and not published yet.  Accusers used the old patent to further their business, which were not life force energy related.

8/31/2022 update:  I will be keeping the above information on this page for a period of time. 

The competitor who, on their website, made accusations about the FTC and Tesla-Biohealing has apparently taken down the page.  Because a copy of the website accusation page is apparently not available anymore, I will write this warning:

Stories are circulating about this competitor who made the remarks against Tesla-Biohealing that are not good. Tests done on the competetor's products appear to be knock-offs that are not made in the USA, as promoted, and could potentially be dangerous to one's health.

Follow up will continue as more information surfaces.  Do your research.

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